You're missing the InDesign property that aligns a stroke's weight from its
center, or inside/outside, if it is a shape's border. Probably other
graphic applications have the same abilities.

Keep in mind that FM evolved around the time when the use of thin lead
strips to separate lines of metal type was becoming historic. Consider your
discovery like a fossil record.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020, 12:06 PM Doug <> wrote:

> I just noticed something annoying.
> Draw a line using the Line tool.  Set it to one point in height, and the
> top to something arbitrary, say 50.  Now zoom in close and set the height
> to 10 points.  Notice that the line height expands both up and down.
> That's annoying.  I would expect the height to expand down, not both up and
> down.
> Why?  Because now that the line is 10 points in height, the top of the line
> is no longer at 50 pts.  It's at 45 points.  And the implication is that
> even a 1 point high line set at 50 actually set to 49.5 and not really 50.
> This makes using the Top field to set the line's position much less
> reliable.
> Is there something I'm missing?  It doesn't make sense that one field's
> value would make the value of other fields inaccurate.
> --Doug

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