After a file opens and you click on it, it goes into "spin mode" and grinds 
away for sometimes as long as a minute, depending on file size. Often with two 
or more files opened, it freezes in this mode and must be killed with the task 
manager. This also happens when you copy a large section of text. This is 
particularly a nightmare when you are trying to copy/paste between two files in 
the same Frame session.
This happens on all computers (Win 10), high-end fully updated computers and 
Frame version
This has been chronic with Frame 14 and 15, all computers. A 200kb file cranked 
for 25 seconds with Frame "Not Responding" in gray-out mode. It also often 
shrinks down in window size to about 1 x 2 inches and must be minimized and 
expanded, and resized to get it back usable
Does anyone know what it is doing, and more importantly, how to stop it?


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