Phillip Norman wrote:

> I address this conversation with wish the simple nearly-free tools I use, 
> should be packaged for a large new set of users, for purchase at very small 
> cost. If Adobe isn't interested, look for other possibilities.


I still receive this list because I am (a) a relatively early FrameMaker user - 
started in 1988 on a Sun 3/50, so nostalgia applies to me, and (b) still 
occasionally fire up version FM 12 to make *small* changes to existing older FM 

Otherwise, due to the high cost of "upgrading" FM decision by Adobe form FM 15 
onwards, I moved away from their tools some time back. 

Now, the last one is Acrobat Pro and I am trying other PDF tools to evaluate 
them as functional replacements - so far, the SoftMaker PDF tool appears to be 
working pretty well for my needs.

My choices - and this will NOT necessarily be applicable to others for their 
documents, of course! - was to switch to LaTeX markup for all *my* 
specification documents (using a very nice editor for relatively instant and 
easy check of the PDF output), and various Magix/Xara tools for image editing, 
video editing, and brochures. The Magix/Xara tools are not free, but very 
low-cost, and much less expensive than Adobe ... including upgrades. 

I am happy with those decisions ... indeed, the experience has made me look for 
other lower-cost products too. So, I am also evaluating SoftMaker Office as an 
alternative to Microsoft tools that I still use (for presentation and 
spreadsheets for example).


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