common properties which I think you have anyway for all kinds of 
to be journalled events:
* event start
** timestamp
** location
* event stop
** timestamp
** location
* event source (e.g. openmoko-dialer)

where 'location' is an abstract dataset which can be many different
things, such as any set of one or more elements from the following:
* gps coordinates
* GSM location (operator code / location code / cell-id)
* wifi AP MAC address
* bluetooth AP MAC address

generic call specific properties
* type (data/voice/fax/alternating)
* line (some gsm modems have multiple lines)
* direction (in/out/)
* addresses (i.e. phone numbers)
** in-call: number of caller
** in-call: number that caller has dialed
** out-call: number of callee, that we dialled
** out-call: number that the network told us about callee
* call termination cause

data call specific properties
* speed

voice call specific properties
* was this call recorded by the neo
** if yes, to which file, and from which time to what other time

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