Rob Bradford wrote:

> I've posted an explanation and reference code to Bugzilla #43.

> Here is a short recap, however i'd prefer it if the conversation
> remained on that bug in order to keep it all together.

> Since the purpose of the footer (as far as I can make out from the wiki)
> is to only show information from the client with the topmost window I
> would suggest tracking the X _NET_WINDOW_ACTIVE property and then using
> a moko specific property to provide this information rather than using
> dbus to update the footer.

> I think that this approach should give better performance with lower
> latency, it should also require fewer context switches which are painful
> on ARM. Another benefit of this approach is that all applications will
> not need to link with dbus and the overhead that that brings.

Well, we might have to link all or at least a lot of applications with dbus
sooner or later anyway (due to new services in mokocore), but I agree with
your performance argument.

I'll have a look at your patch in bugzilla now and comment afterwards.


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