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Title Windows: Binary file name changed to soffice.bin
Affected ,desktop
Effective from SRC680m64

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If the office process crashes a dialog comes up that asks the user
wether he wants the office to be restarted. The restart is done by a
loader that multiplexes the return values of the office process
dependent on the selection the user made.

soffice.exe now is the loader. soffice.bin is original executable binary.

This change has consequences when debugging the office process. To
attach the debugger to a running office process you need to attach to
the soffice.bin process rather than to the soffice.exe process.

To start the process from the debugger (f.e. for startup debugging)
there are two possible solutions.

1. Use the windbg debugger. It is capable of loading binaries that
don't have an ".exe" extension and is also capable of debugging child
processes. So you may load soffice.exe (check the checkbox "Debug
child processes") or soffice.bin.

2. Because the debugger of the developer studio can only load binaries
with an ".exe" extension and is also not able to debug child processes
you have to rename the original soffice.exe to soffice.exe.loader and
soffice.bin to soffice.exe.

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