Product Application Framework
Type new
Title OOo can use KDE "system-wide" settings
Affected [EMAIL PROTECTED],[EMAIL PROTECTED], helpcontent2, instset_oonative, scp2,shell
Effective from SRC680

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Now reads KDE "system-wide" settings :  
- preferred email client
- location of "Documents" folder
- proxy settings
- accessibility tools enabled

OOo already provided similar functionality in Windows and GNOME

As KDE proxy settings can be dynamic (read from PAC files on the proxy
server, for example) and depend on time, destinatination URL, etc, an
approximation is made: it's the proxy settings for destination
"" at the time the setting is read.

The location of the Documents folder can be set by the user and is not
necessarily "$HOME/Documents".

Reading accessibility settings has temporarily been disabled, because it
makes little sense without a OOo - Qt accessibility bridge.

As a side effect, a new package named ""
appears (there is already a similar ""

The online help and the specification have been updated accordingly
(thanks obr).

Specification URL

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