Product: Application Framework
          Type: new
         Title: The iconified embedded objects are supported now by framework 
and file format.
     Posted by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Effective from: cws opofxmlstorage

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In some competitor applications, that are able to contain an embedded
document, it is possible to have an iconified object embedded in the
document. The difference of the iconified object from a normal
embedded object is that it has an icon as graphic replacement in the
document and it can never be activated In-Place.
Till now has never supported such objects, but in some
circumstances such objects are useful and requested by customers.
Moreover since is able to handle documents of some
competitor applications formats, such support is necessary to provide
better compatibility.

The new implementation supports iconified object. The current support
does not allow to insert an iconified object using OOo UI ( although
it is possible to do it using Windows system dialog ). The main idea
of the implementation is to support imported/converted iconified
objects. In future the OOo UI can be extended with a possibility to
insert iconified objects. 
Please see the specification for datails.

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