Product: Application Framework
          Type: new
         Title: Localization of UNO Dialogs
     Posted by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
      Affected: basctl, offapi, scripting, toolkit
Effective from: SRC680 / cws ab31

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UNO dialogs created with the IDE Dialog Editor now can be
localized. A new button in the control toolbox opens a dialog to manage
languages. It's possible to add and remove languages to be supported.
If a library is localized a Translation toolbar is visible in the Dialog
Editor showing the current language. The current language can be selec-
ted using a listbox. All localizable strings in the dialog are displayed
in and can be changed for this language.

The functionality is based on new interfaces and services in offapi/com/
sun/star/resource. See com/sun/star/resource/XStringResourceManager.idl
and related interfaces and services.

For more details see the specification.

*Specification URL*

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