Product: Application Framework
          Type: changed
         Title: Extended UNO AWT menu API
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      Affected: toolkit framework svtools
         TaskId: i96390
Effective from: CWS fwk95
    CWS status: ready for QA

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The current UNO AWT menu API lacks of several features available by
VCL, which are important from an extension developer's point of view.
With the following we work have been enhanced this API, by extending
it with new interfaces. Special thanks to Ariel Constenla Haile for
the effort and work.


interface XPopupMenuExtended
    interface ::com::sun::star::awt::XPopupMenu;
    interface ::com::sun::star::awt::XMenuExtended2;

    boolean isInExecute();
    void endExecute();
void setLogo( [in] ::com::sun::star::awt::MenuLogo aMenuLogo );
    ::com::sun::star::awt::MenuLogo getLogo();
void enableAutoMnemotics( [in] boolean bEnable );

Just for your information.

As UNO AWT already uses the term "mnemonic" I decided to change the name of the method "enableAutoMnemotics" in XPopupMenuExtended.

- void enableAutoMnemotics( [in] boolean bEnable );
+ void enableAutoMnemonics( [in] boolean bEnable );


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