On Monday 15 September 2008, Ulisses Castro wrote:
> I found some bugs when I play Metasploit and PostgreSQL and Auto


> ERROR:  syntax error at or near "create"
> LINE 2: create table notes (

There is a missing semi-colon after the drop table notes command, but this 
isn't a reason to remove all drop table commands from the script. Is 
there a reason why you removed all of these?

> $ diff -Nur db_postgres.rb.old db_postgres.rb
> --- db_postgres.rb.old  2008-09-14 23:32:29.000000000 -0300
> +++ db_postgres.rb      2008-09-15 02:52:11.000000000 -0300

The patch looks good for the most part. The indentation is all incorrect 
though, we require hard tab indentation and the patch used spaces. I will 
fix the indentation and commit.

> $ diff -Nur postgres.sql.old postgres.sql
> --- postgres.sql.old    2008-09-14 23:10:04.000000000 -0300
> +++ postgres.sql        2008-09-14 23:11:36.000000000 -0300
> @@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
> -drop table hosts;

For now, I am just fixing the drop table for notes, if you have a strong 
reason for removing all of the drop table calls, let me know. Not 
removing them causes subsequent db_create calls with the same name to 
reuse the old tables, which is probably not what people expect.

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