Martin Aspeli wrote:
In a way it feels unclean and a bit dangerous if our goal is to lighten up or even move away from Archetypes. However, it's also a good thing. AT is an insulation layer. It's ubiquitous and unifies the API to content types.

for a while i was keen on the idea of replacing AT, componentizing it out until there wasn't any there there, eventually replacing the components with other pieces.

i'm still not against that idea, but i've recently come back around to the possibility that AT might be salvageable. if it gets broken up into little bits, and the worst stuff is made better, then we may just find ourselves with something that is not so bad to work with, w/o feeling so strong a need to have to make it die completely.

anyway, in either event, the first steps are to break it apart into pieces, using the CA to thread it together. this is going to take a while; it won't be until Plone 3.0 that any of it lands, and it probably won't be until Plone 3.5 that a large percentage of it lands. that's over a year away, and a lot can change in that time. i recommend we continue our current path of working on taking it apart, and let the process unfold as we do.


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