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At the Archipelago sprint one issue came up that warrants some discussion. How do we organise the CMFPlone and plone namespaces?

For example, Products.CMFPlone.browser.interfaces is very large and contains a mixture of view interfaces for portlets, more general views and some of the navtree stuff. Some of the implementation is broken down into sub-packages of CMFPlone.browser. A lot of that is adapters, although Jeff Roche made the adapters in ATContentTypes all live in a top-level 'adapter' package. Meanwhile, we're planning to move more things into a top-level plone package, e.g. plone.schema and plone.portlet. Some of that will be general, some of it may be general interfaces with an Archetypes-based implementation. Oh, and Cubed lives in a single-level plone' package in the plone svn repo, which may cause us some organisational headaches when we want to use that package name for more general things that are dependencies of Plone 3.0...

I think we need a story and document it in the Developer Reference.

My personal thoughts are:

- Putting adapters in an 'adapter' sub-package is silly. A lot of stuff in Zope 3 is an adapter, and when interfaces and adapters and the things they work on live in separate parts of the package, they can be difficult to find. However, for small, localised packages, it may make sense to use that naming.

- CMFPlone.browser will grow. Plone is mostly a UI-layer, right. :-) We need to organise it carefully. I think the current top-level 'interfaces' approach is not very good - different logical units should live in different sub-packages of CMFPlone.browser, with their own configure.zcml if it makes sense. Generic views live in the top-level CMFPlone.browser.

- Infrastructural components should be moved to a top-level plone namespace. I see CMFPlone as the package that pulls them all together and presents them in a unified UI. Examples from the sprint will probably include plone.schema, plone.portlets and plone.ajax.

... but those are just brainstorming. I'm sure the rest of you have a lot of ideas too. :)


"You can just adapt yourself out of it..." // Archipelago sprint 26/04/2006

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