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i'm okay with most of this, except for the extra 'plone' level in the src tree. it's implied in the plone.contextualhelp directory name, IMO, no need for an empty, duplicate folder level.

Except it enables you to copy your entire src/ directory to lib/python and your imports (from plone.contextualhelp import ...) will work. Otherwise, I have to realise that I'm meant to create a top-level plone folder and put the src/contextualhelp folder there.

OTOH you'll have to stitch plone.contextualhelp and plone.whatever together manually anyway by making a top-level plone and then putting the two sub-folders from the two different svn paths in there.

/me thinks it'd actually be easier if we had all of plone.* packages that make up "core" Plone under a single src/ tree, but that may not be as easy in practice when it comes to branching and merging, I guess.


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