On Thu, 2006-11-05 at 10:11 -0500, whit wrote:
> - the meaning of a release is a marketing question.  if marketing says 
> "we need SoC for publicity reasons", then it makes sense to wait. but 
> otherwhise, this should just be a discussion of technical merit and 
> preparedness.  the framework team should not be effected by the 
> marketing vacuum.

Hmm... this brings up an interesting point.  Whit has repeatedly
commented that just because we're having .5 and .0 releases (with
different focuses for each) doesn't mean we can't have a .1 (or .2
or .3, etc) as well.

For the sake of getting the SoC results in a place where Plone can use
it (perhaps in core? perhaps for marketing?) why not tentatively plan a
3.1 release that focuses (but not necessarilly limited or restrained to)
on the SoC achievements ?

Plone 3.1 -- the google release :)

- Rocky

ps. I'm only throwing this out there without thinking through all of the
repercussions for discussion purposes ... like how does this affect our
(hopeful) 6 month release cycle?  how does this affect trying to match
up with zope releases? etc

Rocky Burt
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