I think those are good points, and I certainly agree with the merits of having that separation be clear. I just wonder whether we truly *can* have such a separation, and whether there then is a vacuum in leadership and policy guidance that we need to fill, because I think people are expecting more than what we're expecting to give at the moment.
well, hopefully, by keeping the role of this team limited, all of you should be free to do the needful outside of the team in filling that vacuum. and if people listen more because you are on the FWT, that doesn't hurt either as long as there is a clear separation.

one thing you guys(and all of us non-voters) can do is throw some rocks in the direction of marketing. getting some people on the stick to fill that void *now* would make all the difference. In proprietary software dev, marketting/product management drives the feature choices and therefore has a 6-12month drop on the release.
so...send a letter to your local board member.

rocky has requested an end to philosophizing on this subject so I will respectfully end any comment hitherto.



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