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you could market the entire release on PAS if you wanted to, merely
because it is integration technology.

I don't think you could sell Plone on PAS. PAS gives Plone a good authentication story, for sure, but it's pretty un-interesting to the person comparing the features of two dozen commericial and open source CMSs before he's even made a decision on which one to go to.

Likewhise, CMFPlacefulWorkflow is
also a compelling story for integrators as is GenericSetup.

I agree. The .5 releases were meant to be compelling to developers and integrators. 2.5 will be a great release, and it's already bearing a lot of fruits judging from what we could get out of it as a platform in Norway in April. But it's not meant to be the one that make people outside our little sphere stand up and take notice either.

or the pile
of fine un/poorly-marketted features from 2.1.

Actually, 2.1 didn't introduce many new innovations over 2.0, it just cleaned them up. A lot. A few things, like the 'display' menu were innovative, but it was more in the vein of improving the stack and the framework than being innovative, as 3.0 is trying to be.

if any release is a whisper, it's because we as a community are not
making and telling the story.

I guess that depends on what story there is to tell, and who's listening. :)

FWT is about making sure the technology
behind that story become increasingly more predictable and dependable.


I would agree with this.

frankly, I care less about the dates than I do about the fever-pitch of
some of the discourse (it's natural. I got slapped by rightly by stefan
last time for my aggressive release schedule proposal for 2.1).

It is good to be excited, it's good to push people to adopt new
standards, processes and technologies, but this team is the gatekeeper
for making sure releases stay sane.   Currently, there are 25 plips
scheduled for 3.0.    That's alot of potential work for a release
manager especially considering there is a CMF jump in the mix.  If I was
on the FWT, I would be trying to figure out things to trim if the
eventuality that things get hairy rather than figuring ways to cram more in.

Naturally. I think we all expect the list to shorten over time, but we need to give all of those the greatest possible chance of survival, knowing that not every one will.


"You can just adapt yourself out of it..." // Archipelago sprint 26/04/2006

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