Heya guys.

I'm still working on my CMF 2.1 branches and came across quite some new
problems all due to the migration machinery. As I'm lazy and don't want
to debug and write code if it's not necessary, here is a little idea I
would like to have some feedback for:

Don't support migrating to Plone 3 from versions earlier then Plone

Why 2.1.0-final and not 2.1.0-alpha something? Because we changed to
much in the 2.1.0-alpha/beta migrations and you shouldn't run any of
these beasts in production anyways.

What about Plone 2.5? Migrations from all insane alphas/betas/rcs should
be supported.

What do you think about it? My main point here is that I would like to
save the time to debug all the possible issues of the CMF Types to ATCT
migrations and I think supporting all these migration scenarios without
any reasonable test infrastructure like we have now is close to insanity ;)

As a side effect this will also save us from having to support any Zope
2.6 or earlier to Zope 2.10 migration scenarios :) We don't really do
this right now, let's make that explicit.


P.S. If I get some support for the idea, I'll write a full-fledged PLIP
for it... and do one of my favorite things: remove some code :)

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