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Our busy time seems to start ;)

Martin Aspeli wrote:
Alexander Limi wrote:
Hi Framework Team,

We haven't seen any official dates for PLIP freeze, bundles, alpha/beta/RC/final from you yet for 3.0.

Can you see if you can get some dates down asap, so we can start communicating them to people?

The most current proposal for a roadmap is this one:

Plone 3.0
August 21, proposal freeze (review bundles must be ready)
September 25, feature freeze (all features have been merged)
October 22, first beta release
December 18, first release candidate
January 24, expected release

The main problem with this roadmap is that some of us had a discussion on IRC and we felt that the dates are far too soon. Right now nobody really thinks about Plone 3.0 or puts any time in it, we aren't really putting any time into Plone 2.5 right now either... we cannot seriously stop accepting features in four weeks.

The result of our little IRC discussion was that we wanted to shift all those dates two month back. With the PloneConf at the end of October it might make more sense to only push the deadlines back one month, so we would have a feature freeze right before PloneConf which would give Limi the option to actually talk about the new shiny features of 3.0 in his Keynote ;)

If we would aim for the one-month-back option we would have another eight weeks until proposal freeze.

Actually I'm not sure what the better option is here and think we need some discussion before proposing anything. Which leads to the next problem that we are only meant to propose those dates to the release manager for Plone 3.0 who hasn't been found yet AFAIK.

Sorry, but this time I can only point out more problems and cannot offer a solution ;)


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