Hi guys,

- August 28: proposal freeze, fwt starts reviewing bundles
- September 25: fwt finished reviewing bundles
- Sep 25 - October 8: two week period during which bundles can be
  updated and re-reviewed based on the initial review

I expect bundles will be worked on during the whole Aug 28-Oct 8 period. For that to work, we ought to give some initial feedback quickly, so that we say "yes, this is a good idea" and make ourselves (or this list or just plone-developers) available for people to get a bit of coaching. The knowledge that someone is actively pushing a bundle, and actively seeking ways of making it better and getting it done is just as important as the completeness of the bundle on August 28th!

- October 9:

Did you miss one out? I assume you meant merge date?

- November 30: first beta release
- January 22: first release candidate
- March 12: release

+1 for those dates *if* we can agree on them now and start hounding people for bundles *this week*.

The basic idea behind these dates is that we need some extra time to get
people moving on 3.0 and take the time needed to properly integrate
the bundles. If we make some more noise about late betas and rc1
hopefully we can get more upgrade feedback sooner.

Indeed. Speaking from personal experience, I held up on trying 2.5 until it was quite late in the day, mostly from my own laziness. We ought to make it as easy for people to evaluate as possible, by providing installers (I guess we have nightly builds now) and bundles that are known to work

I'd also suggest that we have a rolling "Coming in 3.0" overview document that gives people some tasters and some specifics ("to test this feature now, download this and click here and here").

And of course, we should be noisy on the lists to let people know there is momentum, but that's my job :)

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