On Thu, 2006-07-27 at 12:58 +0200, Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> (Repost as the message didn't seem to get through...)
> Hi.
> Our busy time seems to start ;)
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
> > Alexander Limi wrote:
> >> Hi Framework Team,
> >>
> >> We haven't seen any official dates for PLIP freeze, bundles, 
> >> alpha/beta/RC/final from you yet for 3.0.
> >>
> >> Can you see if you can get some dates down asap, so we can start 
> >> communicating them to people?
> The most current proposal for a roadmap is this one:
> Plone 3.0
> ---------
> August 21, proposal freeze (review bundles must be ready)
> September 25, feature freeze (all features have been merged)
> October 22, first beta release
> December 18, first release candidate
> January 24, expected release
> The main problem with this roadmap is that some of us had a discussion 
> on IRC and we felt that the dates are far too soon. Right now nobody 
> really thinks about Plone 3.0 or puts any time in it, we aren't really 
> putting any time into Plone 2.5 right now either... we cannot seriously 
> stop accepting features in four weeks.
> The result of our little IRC discussion was that we wanted to shift all 
> those dates two month back. With the PloneConf at the end of October it 
> might make more sense to only push the deadlines back one month, so we 
> would have a feature freeze right before PloneConf which would give Limi 
> the option to actually talk about the new shiny features of 3.0 in his 
> Keynote ;)
> If we would aim for the one-month-back option we would have another 
> eight weeks until proposal freeze.
> Actually I'm not sure what the better option is here and think we need 
> some discussion before proposing anything. Which leads to the next 
> problem that we are only meant to propose those dates to the release 
> manager for Plone 3.0 who hasn't been found yet AFAIK.
> Sorry, but this time I can only point out more problems and cannot offer 
> a solution ;)

I agree we need some discussion before proposing a realistic schedule.


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