So, the bundle deadline passed, and I almost got some sleep. I'm guessing a few bundles will trickle in still (Vincenzo is on holiday, for example, but promised to look at workflow)

Members from last year - how did you go about actually undertakign the reviews?

We have bundles at (and one at since Kai doesn't have commit privs yet).

This matches up pretty well to what we see in, with a few exceptions. Most of these are excusable (AJAX dependencies that make no sense until we've sorted out that can of worms, trivial things that probably don't need much review - we'll have to take it on a case-by-case basis).

I know Wichert is away for 5 days, and Vincenzo is on holiday (until the middle/end of the week?). I'd be nice if we could come up with a process, though.

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