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2006-09-12  Raphael Ritz ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

 My test set-up: Python 2.4.3, Zope 2.10.0b2 release on Linux (FC5)

 First impression: excellent work Hanno

 Issues noticed so far:

   - there is a hard dependency on PIL in CMFPlone/utils.py
     Do we really want that?

 Furthermore, there are some deprecation warnings where I'm not sure
 whether they could be avoided. For testing, what I did was to join
 as a new user, log in, create a news item including an image,
 submitting it for review and publishing it as site manager then.
 This is what I noticed from watching the log:

   - Is it really necessary for AT/ATCT to still use the deprecated
     "manage_*" hooks instead of proper event subscribers?
     If the plan really is to also support Zope 2.11 with Plone 3.0
     this will cause trouble.

   - /extra2/sites/plip-reviews/148/Products/CMFCore/TypesTool.py:680:
     DeprecationWarning: TypeInformation.listContentTypes(by_metatype=1)
     is deprecated.

     Where does that come from? Should be easy to fix though as an
     explicit specification of a content filter in a call to
     content{Ids|Values|Items} or whatever might have caused that
     should get rid of it.

   - /extra2/Zope-2.10.0-b2/lib/python/zope/tal/talinterpreter.py:754:
     DeprecationWarning:*** *** Insertion of non-unicode non-ascii text
     in TAL is deprecated and will be broken in Plone 4.0 !!!

      '<h2>Hier was \xc3\xbcber mich:</h2>\n ...

      text = unicode(structure)

      This was caused by entering a German text containing an Umlaut
      into the body of a news item. Couldn't that be done just right?
      (I know that that's potentially asking for much, i.e., to change
      Plone/AT's policy with respect to encoding/unicode handling but
      sooner or later we have to face it anyways.)

 What would be really nice to have for our add-on developers:

   - a hands-on, fool-proof guide on how to update 3rd-party products
     for Plone 3.0. In particular this should contain (pointers to)
     instructions on supporting and using GenericSetup and the new
     style action handling. I'm sure Hanno has gained much experience
     on this by doing it for Plone/AT/ATCT so he should be in an
     excellent position to sum that up ;-)

   - An just in passing: is there really no sane way to fix
     'installTypes' from Archetypes.Extensions.utils?
     This will break **a lot** of 3rd-party products!

 Somewhat off topic here:

   - there is actually one issue that worries me quite a bit at the
     moment but I don't think it has anything particular to do with this
     Plip. To see what I mean, install the plip bundle (or the current
     Plone dev bundle), make a plone site, visit it in ZMI, go to
     portal_skins, select a template like 'main_template',
     'prefs_install_products_form', 'table_view', or 'atct_topic_view'.
     Note the error when trying to 'customize' one of these::

        Macro expansion failed
        exceptions.KeyError: 'scripts'

     It does not happen for all templates but I'm sure more are
     affected by this. I have not been able to debug this yet but
     I assume at the moment that this is due to Zope 2 switching to
     the Zope 3 TAL engine. Others please correct me if I'm wrong.

 Summary for now: I think it is no question that this PLIP has to be
 accepted as otherwise we would not catch up with our underlying
 framework (the CMF). I consider it ready for merge as soon as there
 is enough confidence in a 2.1 release of the CMF itself (at least an
 alpha out). The only open question I see is whether we really want to
 make PIL a hard dependency.

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