Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Alec Mitchell wrote:
> >Great analysis.  I'm looking forward to my beer.
> Wow, someone made it. :)

At least two people actually :)

> >For me the big difference between these approaches is that one
> >requires changing many of the templates in Plone so that the rendered
> >results includes a bunch of fancy inline js that does all sorts of
> >neat things to various bits of the page, while the other requires some
> >consistent application of classes and ids so that arbitrary behaviors
> >(both pure client-side and client/server) can be applied to arbitrary
> >elements as desired in the same way one would apply look and feel

Also (although I'm not sure how relevant that is for us) the KSS
approach might be more portable to other rendering systems. It sounds
like KSS will work fine with something like meld3, but Bling will have
a much harder time supporting that due to the lack of TAL-attributes

Have you done any comparison of the extra interfaces that are exposed on
the server side? I'm somewhat worried about possible security issues
there. For some people it may also be interesting to see how hard it
will be to use those interfaces directly from sites that completely
replace the standard Plone templates.


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