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On 9/13/06, Rob Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
i think i need to clear up a misconception that...

On Sep 13, 2006, at 11:40 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Basically, GS makes the re-install button a bit meaningless. If you
> re-install a traditionally installed product, it calls
> uninstall(reinstall=True); install(reinstall=True). If you re-install
> a GS based product, it'll have to re-run all the import steps for
> every GS-installed product. If I click re-install on Poi, it'll
> re-install listen as well. That means that neither Poi nor listen can
> really do any kind of re-initialisation upon re-install.

unless i'm missing something, this is not actually true.  it IS true
that whenever you run all the import steps, then it will attempt to
run the import steps from every profile (both base and extension)
that has ever been registered with the setup tool.  HOWEVER, the
setup tool is stateful in that, at any given time, there is a single
"active" profile.  only the configuration for the active profile will
be applied.  so if there is an import step that was registered from
profile A, but profile B is active and profile B does NOT have any
configuration that pertains to that import step, then the "running"
of that import step will have no effect... it will be a null op.

similarly, if profile B is the active profile, and the types tool
import step is run, then ONLY the types config from profile B will be
applied.  GS will NOT activate the other profiles and reinstall the
types from those profiles.  we would have to explicitly tell the
setup tool to make each profile active, in turn, and then run all the
import steps for each profile, in order to get that behaviour.  which
would be silly.

thus i don't think that the problem that martin mentions above
actually exists.

Right - I may of course be totally wrong, which would be very good. :)

In this case I'm less scared.

I assume this applies to base and extension profiles equally, then?
So, it won't re-run the base CMFPlone profiles 'types.xml' if we
activate Poi as an extension profile, nor will it re-run
RichDocument's types.xml even if RichDocument was the previously
installed/activated profile?


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