Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> On 9/13/06, Rob Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >i think i need to clear up a misconception that...
> >
> >On Sep 13, 2006, at 11:40 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> >> Basically, GS makes the re-install button a bit meaningless. If you
> >> re-install a traditionally installed product, it calls
> >> uninstall(reinstall=True); install(reinstall=True). If you re-install
> >> a GS based product, it'll have to re-run all the import steps for
> >> every GS-installed product. If I click re-install on Poi, it'll
> >> re-install listen as well. That means that neither Poi nor listen can
> >> really do any kind of re-initialisation upon re-install.
> >
> >unless i'm missing something, this is not actually true.  it IS true
> >that whenever you run all the import steps, then it will attempt to
> >run the import steps from every profile (both base and extension)
> >that has ever been registered with the setup tool.  HOWEVER, the
> >setup tool is stateful in that, at any given time, there is a single
> >"active" profile.  only the configuration for the active profile will
> >be applied.  so if there is an import step that was registered from
> >profile A, but profile B is active and profile B does NOT have any
> >configuration that pertains to that import step, then the "running"
> >of that import step will have no effect... it will be a null op.
> >
> >similarly, if profile B is the active profile, and the types tool
> >import step is run, then ONLY the types config from profile B will be
> >applied.  GS will NOT activate the other profiles and reinstall the
> >types from those profiles.  we would have to explicitly tell the
> >setup tool to make each profile active, in turn, and then run all the
> >import steps for each profile, in order to get that behaviour.  which
> >would be silly.
> >
> >thus i don't think that the problem that martin mentions above
> >actually exists.
> Right - I may of course be totally wrong, which would be very good. :)
> In this case I'm less scared.
> I assume this applies to base and extension profiles equally, then?
> So, it won't re-run the base CMFPlone profiles 'types.xml' if we
> activate Poi as an extension profile, nor will it re-run
> RichDocument's types.xml even if RichDocument was the previously
> installed/activated profile?



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