Another couple of weeks have passed, which makes it about time for an
update on the Plone 3.0 development front. At this moment the framework
team has finished 7 initial reviews:

 * PLIP 48 Use session instead of cookie plugin to store PAS authentication

 * PLIPs 121/122/171 Azax/KSS vs Bling

 * PLIP 125 Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)

 * PLIP 127 Move properties to Edit screen using pre-loaded fieldsets

 * PLIP 144 Generalised Next / Previous navigation

 * PLIP 148 Move to CMF 2.1

 * PLIP 179 Improved commenting infrastructure

Reviews for the remaining bundles should be finished on Monday. Since
this is an initial review the conclusions are not final: they can be
further discussed and bundle owners are encouraged to improve their
bundles based on the feedback.

Once the first bundles have been merged we will be releasing a first
alpha release of Plone 3.0.


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