On Sat, 2006-23-09 at 22:10 +0100, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> >   #4: Prevent over-complication
> > This goal unfortunately hasn't been met very well.  In my opinion the
> > new mechanics of integrating Zope 3 CA techniques used in this plip have
> > increased the complication of setting up portlets by several magnitudes.
> > Of course it wasn't hard to do this since the current method of defining
> > portlets and setting them up is extremely simple.  This goal has not
> > been adequately met.
> I kind of contest this point. If you want to make portlets the old way 
> (a template), there is no difference. The only difference is that 
> instead of going to the ZMI and editing a property, you add a "classic 
> portlet" from within the Plone UI and point it at your template.

I didn't really specify here in my goal but I was describing
complication in usage and in implementation.  It took me quite a while
longer to understand what goes where and what adapter uses this (this
complication tends to be a known aspect of zope3) with the plip.
Compare that with "make a zpt called portlet_fetcher that checks the
properties and loads appropriate macros" and it seems a lot more

Of course I'm well aware of the fact that the previous approach wasn't
testable all that jazz so I do understand the virtue in the new
approach.  So in my mind this was a necessary complication. 

- Rocky

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