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Very good point! It's actually related to a more general observation
I've made myself while reviewing.
It appears to me that we have at least three (or more) critical PLIPs
whos adoption (or not) has impact on more or less everything else:

1. the move to CMF-2.1 and

2. the AJAX/Bling/KSS stuff and

3. the portlets/viewlets story

Point 1 includes first and foremost the introduction and adoption of
events and the move to GenericSetup while 2 and 3 have impact on
more or less anything that's UI related.

Given that, we might actually want to consider making decisions
this time as a two-step process by first deciding on those critical
infrastructural issues, doing their merge in case of acceptance
as soon as possible and then letting plip authors know that this
is now what to build upon and to update their plip bundles
to reflect this then if needed.

While it would enable us to make the best decisions, I doubt that we can find the time to review, then let bundle authors do updates and have another round of reviews if we're sticking to the schedule. If anything can't be decided on now due to the effects of other PLIPs, I guess we have to postpone the PLIP to 3.5. Deciding on the PLIPs with greatest impact as soon as possible will be very useful, even if the PLIP authors are not involved in another iteration of review, as it would allow the reviewers to add specific comments and suggested improvements to other PLIPs to get a more accurate picture of what needs to be done in time for release.

Speaking of deadlines, when are we supposed have final votes on this?

Helge Tesdal
Plone Solutions

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