thanks guys :)

some more thanks to limi, bcsaller, and alberto berti for the ideas and for rob getting me retroactive funding(and getting wicked from a prototype to a working release) and topp for funding the refactoring and recent work.

short roadmap

* couple zcml directives for::
- txtfilter dispatch on arbitrary callable (so filter dispatch is by decoration rather than replacement or inheritance)
  - backlink dispatch on arbitrary callable

* making dispatch decorators able to toggle behavior on and off

* z3 utility for maintain state information for configlet

* configlet

* cachefu support(to kick documents with wicked links when links are resolved underneath)

* package reorganization of txtfilter and wicked to adhere to python package standards

on the longer road map
* getting wicked off the AT crack (maybe using five.intids)

* alternate resolvers (maybe a straight btree lookup or rdf)

* working on light framework for syntax extension(for tagging, explicit links, other forms of resolution)

* inplace content addition

* autocomplete list (possibly keyed on the beginning of a link "((" etc)

* link editing (ability to fix mis-resolved links and/or designate a link as a menu of alternative links)


Alexander Limi wrote:
On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 07:02:42 -0700, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Wicked is a wiki without all the cruft. It makes it simple to create
links-as-you-type, and keeps those links up-to-date when they move.
It's easy to use and quite innovative in that it integrates so
seamlessly into Plone.

Big props to Whit for turning my original late-night ramblings and thoughts about how wikis in Plone should work into a slick wiki implementation for Plone. Sometimes, ranting helps (well, it always helps — it's just not always it turns out changing anything ;).

Looking forward to being able to wiki-enable anything, even uploaded Word documents (I'm not kidding, this is actually possible - though whether it makes sense to you is another matter :).


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