This PLIP proposes to refactor the implementation of i18n and l10n in
plone using zope3 technologies and make it reusable.

I couldn't spend as much time as I would on this plip which seems to be
really cool, but I had some problems in make it run correctly, my fault
of course.

The implementation is very clean. It is base on two new z3 style
packages plone.i18n and, not much to say about thatm
small packages, easy to read code and reasonable amount of tests.

I think the plips succeeds in its goals, the implementation on the i18n
layer is much clear now, easy to read nad manage and of course it is
Hanno also provides a list of todo
most of them are small or easy to do but also very necessary before the
integration (ie: there is nearly no UI to manage the configuration)
So thanks, Hanno good work ! :)


Vincenzo Di Somma
design, development and consulting
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