I'm assuming not only nouri might be interested in this...

after a bit of tickling, I got a acquisition friendly version of zope.app.intid working and checked in. it's ready to have it's tires kicked::


as part of the package, it also includes a z2 compatibility layer for keyreferences.

if you don't know zope.app.intid, it's super simple; basically just a dual btree index that uses hashable objects as keys(and these objects, keyreference return a target object when called). Registration and unregistering are handled by object event subscribers. Adding an object via the subscribers fires an IIntIdAdded event for use in cataloging(there is an event for removal also).

I'm planning on using this with rdflib(as a catalog). tons of other reference oriented code from z3 uses it(zc.extrensicreference, zc.relationship, lovely.tag, etc). If you wanted a more ATish UID, overriding the id generation in the utility would be trivial.


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