Hi Wichert,

I have gone over all the current reviews and divided them into three
sections: PLIPs ready for merging, PLIPs which need more work and not
yet reviewed PLIPs. Here we go:

Great, thank you!

PLIPs ready for merging

PLIP 8 - Versioning
   Stable product. There are possible improvements, but the current code
   is well structured and battle tested.


PLIP 118 - Portlets engine based on PlonePortlets and Viewlets
    Does deserve a good tutorial.

and some more real-world portlets, and a few migration bits, and some UI clean-up. However, I still think it's a good idea to merge - the structure and code is stable it's only tweaks to be done and this will make it easier to progress without diverging trunk and the branch too much.

PLIP 142 - Componentise the global content menu
   Hanno found a few minor issues, which Martin mostly debunked. Remaining
   items are small and can be covered after an alpha released. Most important
   issue is backwards compatibility with older global_contentmenu
   customizations. Since Plone 3.0 is scheduled to get a new UI (of limi has
   this ready on time) this may be a non-issue since all templates may

+1 - getting real-world testing of weird edge cases that I may not have found is important here, too, so getting off the branch is good.

PLIP 148 - Move to CMF 2.1
   Raphael found some remaining TODO-items which Hanno has taken care of by

+1 - Raphael and Hanno rock!

PLIPs not ready for merging

PLIP 48 - Use session instead of cookie plugin to store PAS authentication
   Old-style product, containing a lot of code to support non-PAS sites.
   Needs Cache-Fu updates.

PLIP 112 - XML Import / Export
    Export is not implemented. Only supports AT-based content, Zope 3 schema
    based content and custom AT fields are not supported. Tests do not run.

PLIP 127 - Move properties to Edit screen using pre-loaded fieldsets
   dhtml-schemata branch needs merging into Archetypes. Grouping of
   properties has not been implemented yet. The content tabs need to
   be refactored.

I think this is important and not very hard. Who is championing this?

PLIP 145 - Locking
    Event naming hs to be synchronized with iterate (PLIP 168). Removing
    a lock on set by iterate on published content should not be easily
    possible. Should switch to using evevnts instead of patching AT.
    Possible needs extra extensionpoints in AT.

This is even more important, feature-wise, imho, and not that much work. Someone needs to own this.

  PLIP 149 - Improved Markup SUpport

   allowable_content_types support needs work. Handle non-installed formats

My impression was that there is not so much left to do here, but Tom should step up with an update if he can.

PLIP 168 - integrate iterate for checkin/checkout/staging
   Viewing a locked front page gave an error until the page was checked

.. and also sync with PLIP 145. Very, very keen on seeing this go in as well - the triumvirate of 8, 145, and 168 will answer some of Plone's more embarrassing deficiencies.

PLIP 172 - Wiki syntax support for all content
   Demo content types should be disabled. Needs integration into
   ATContentTypes with an option to switch it on and off.

Yep. Whit has said he'll be working on this before the conference, so hopefully by .

PLIP 174 - More configurable and reusable i18n features
   TODO-items in the bundle need to be implemented.

PLIP 179 - Improved commenting infrastructure
   Interfaces need to be updated to be more flexible. Code needs to
   be refactored into a plone.commenting package. Work is well on its way.

PLIPs still under discussion

PLIP 121 - Asynchronous loading of content views
    Implemented in both Bling and Azax/KSS. Needs a decision on the Ajax
    framework to use for Plone 3.0.

PLIP 122 - Edit-in-place mode for all basic field types
    Implemented in both Bling and Azax/KSS. Needs a decision on the Ajax
    framework to use for Plone 3.0.

PLIP 171 - KSS / Azax to Plone
   KSS/Azax are well designed and have very active developers. It is designed
   with developers in mind instead of copying patterns used by other frameworks.
   A sprint including non-azax developer has already happened, showing there is
   a very active group of people supporting this framework. Considering Bling
   has not seen much activity lately and its bundle does not work this looks
   like the best choice.

I was hoping to get a bit more feedback on what people think of the code in 'azax' and the JS in 'kukit' (bundled as part of azax), in terms of risk and maintainability. Then we should force a vote.

PLIPs not yet reviewed
PLIP 119 - Contextual help portlet

This is mine, and I've kind of let the ball drop. The general state is that the design is pretty good, but it's not ready and most likely won't be unless someone steps up because David is very short of time these days.

PLIP 125 - Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)

I did review this. It basically needs a bit more work from Andi around a few use cases (specifically, deleting many things at once that may be inter-related), but is progressing nicely. topp.rose also needs some updating to work with 2.10 but should then be able to slot in nicely, I hope.

PLIP 144 - Generalised Next / Previous navigation

I did review this - it was the very first one! It needs a bit of fairly trivial refactoring/clean-up but is otherwise good, imho.

PLIP 157 - Content rules engine

Rocky? :)

PLIP 173 - OpenID support

Didn't Hanno review this?

The other thing that's not here is the new workflows that Vincenzo said he'd look at. There's no bundle, but it's just a set of new workflows + possibly a control panel. This is also quite important - Plone's OOTB workflows are a bit narrow :)


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