Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> >  PLIP 171 - KSS / Azax to Plone                                           
> >
> >   KSS/Azax are well designed and have very active developers. It is 
> >   designed
> >   with developers in mind instead of copying patterns used by other 
> >   frameworks.
> >   A sprint including non-azax developer has already happened, showing 
> >   there is
> >   a very active group of people supporting this framework. Considering 
> >   Bling
> >   has not seen much activity lately and its bundle does not work this 
> >   looks
> >   like the best choice.
> I was hoping to get a bit more feedback on what people think of the code 
> in 'azax' and the JS in 'kukit' (bundled as part of azax), in terms of 
> risk and maintainability. Then we should force a vote.

This does need some more disucssion, but I also considered it important
to at least give some signal to indicate in which direction the
consensus seems to be going. It might even get Ben to fix the Bling

> >PLIPs not yet reviewed
> >----------------------
> >  PLIP 119 - Contextual help portlet                                       
> This is mine, and I've kind of let the ball drop. The general state is 
> that the design is pretty good, but it's not ready and most likely won't 
> be unless someone steps up because David is very short of time these days.
> >  PLIP 125 - Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)        
> I did review this. It basically needs a bit more work from Andi around a 
> few use cases (specifically, deleting many things at once that may be 
> inter-related), but is progressing nicely. topp.rose also needs some 
> updating to work with 2.10 but should then be able to slot in nicely, I 
> hope.

I noticed that a bit later, see my second post.

> >  PLIP 144 - Generalised Next / Previous navigation                        
> I did review this - it was the very first one! It needs a bit of fairly 
> trivial refactoring/clean-up but is otherwise good, imho.

Oops! I'll add it to my list.

> >  PLIP 157 - Content rules engine      
> Rocky? :)
> >  PLIP 173 - OpenID support                                                
> Didn't Hanno review this?

He mailed me directly about it with a couple of comments, most of which
I have addressed this week. He did run into a few nasty problems that I
have not been able to reproduce, so there is some work to be done still.
I haven't seen a review posted on the framework list though, that's why
I put it in this list.

> The other thing that's not here is the new workflows that Vincenzo said 
> he'd look at. There's no bundle, but it's just a set of new workflows + 
> possibly a control panel. This is also quite important - Plone's OOTB 
> workflows are a bit narrow :)

Other changes such as new workflows are very welcome as long as they are
not too invasive. But this was just a PLIP review list :)


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