Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi guys,
> We've meandered, wondered, hummmmed and hawwwed for long enough.
> Jon & co need to know what the Ajax story will look like by (as in
> *before*) October 15th, when Plone Conference timetable is to be
> finalised and programmes printed. I'm also sick of waiting.
> I want to put this to a vote right now. Please give your +1's and
> -1's. Given the nature of this, I'm inclined to let non-voting
> developers voice a +1 or -1 *provided* they mark their answer clearly
> as being from a non-voting member, to avoid anyone mis-counting.
> I would like to tally up the votes Friday and make an edict, unless
> anyone has strong objections.

At the moment my voting vote is:

-1 on Bling
+0 on Azax (I need to study it some more)
+0 on KSS (idem)


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