+1 Azax/KSS

I consider this decision *made* now. Rocky gave a +0, Vincenzo and Helge did not vote, but even if they both disagreed, the majority would still rule. I've discussed it with Wichert and he agrees. I've also given Jon the all-clear to put Azax/KSS on the Plone Conference agenda, and I believe Godefroid and/or Balazs will give a tutorial on it there.

I'd like to thank everyone who's stuck it out during this somewhat painful process, and particularly thank Ben, Godefroid and Balazs for their patience and support.

I've CC'd Godefroid and Balazs on this mail and would like to ask them to read the following statements and tell us how they feel about them. :)

I recommend merging the Azax bundle *provided*:

- PloneAzax and ATAzax go away, being merged into Plone and AT or componentised further - templates can be merged back - we should not ship Plone with any templates that override other templates in the skin layers out of the box! Also, these should work without a hard dependency on the server-side components (as I believe would be the case anyway)

- server-side views could potentially move to plone.app.azax and archetypes.azax or similar packages. There is a fair amount of code here, probably too much to put into Archetypes core and CMFPlone. It seems wrong to stuff them in the Products/ folder though, since this is essentially new code.

- MochiKit is not included in page download by default (it's used only for logging panel)

 - Demo products like azaxdemo and KSSMultiSelectWidget go away

- A migration step is set up to enable this properly without needing to install a separate products

I would prefer

- If we used azax in lib/python rather than Products/ (I believe it supports this)

- Some of the pre-Zope 2.10 BBB/compat code was branched off and cleaned out



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