Previously Alexander Limi wrote:
> I'd appreciate it if you could replace my comment "Not sure why this split  
> is necessary, but I'm sure somebody can explain it" in the readme with a  
> rationale, and whether it is temporary or not.

As a first shot: it is not temporary. In fact we will see more and more
products moving away from Products and becoming normal python packages.
This means that they need to be installed in another location: either in
INSTANCE/lib/python or on a global python path. It does bring a number
of advantages: 

 * it makes it much easier to (re)use packages outside of Zope. This is
   important since we are trying to make everything more generic so it
   can easily be used in other environments.

 * it allows us to use the full power of setuptools to manage packages.
   This means we can ship products in the form of python eggs, install
   them with a single easy_install command with automatic handling of
   dependencies, etc.

This transition is going to take a while, and during that period we will
have a mix of both old-style Zope Products and new-style python


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