Hello there!

I created a script install-plone.py that should help at least get an
idea of how the deployment of Plone 3.0 should look like.

Note that this is work in progress.  I hope that people will help me
with figuring out the problems with this, and help me improve it.

You can download it from here:

It requires workingenv.  Download it:

If you have workingenv.py in your path, 'install-plone.py' will find
it, otherwise you need to provide the path to the script (try
'install-plone.py --help').

You can then run install-plone.py like so:

  python install-plone.py --site-packages \
      -f http://danielnouri.org/svn/scratch/Plone/trunk#egg=Plone-dev
      -m /PATH/TO/bin/mkzopeinstance.py

The --site-packages, and -f switch are forwarded to workingenv.py.
Consult 'workingenv.py --help'.

After having run install-plone.py, you should have a new instance in


 - I forked the EXTERNALS.txt from the 3.0 bundle.  I didn't dare to
put an '__init__.py' with this into the bundle itself:
'__import__('pkg_resources').declare_namespace(__name__)'.  This
should be all that's required though.  And it shouldn't harm anyone.

 - I haven't thought enough about dependency handling of Products.
Right now as you can see I'm using the 3.0 bundle.  This is not what
we want for releases.  Maybe we should have a '3.0-release' bundle or
so and create the egg from there.

 - No lib/python packages are set up.  This should be trivial though
once we have a page that links to all eggs, or once we register all
our packages with the Cheese Shop.

 - Currently, the script does not install any zcml slugs in the new
instance.  This should be easily fixable once we know which .zcml file
defines all our dependencies zcml-wise.  (It's a pain that we have to
define our dependencies twice, though.)

 - Zope does not start up due to some import error.  "ImportError: No
module named ZopeVersionControl.ZopeRepository".  I couldn't find this
Product, any pointers welcome!

 - I expect some other problems with the Products namespace that we
need to sort out.  However, I'm optimistic, as I had the Products
namespace package working when I experimented the first time with
eggifying Plone.

 - The script does not activate the workingenv.  Eventually, we should
change the Zope skeleton to include 'bin/activate' before doing
anything else.  Currently, this means that before you start up Zope,
you have to run 'include bin/activate'.

 - The script should run on Windows, though I can't test it.


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