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You could call it temporary in that Zope will hopefully get better at development eggs and therefore render a weaved-together bundle like this obsolete (instead, you'd have a bundle with eggs and then you'd easy_install each one). To be honest, I find the bundle fairly convenient though, just co and ln into lib/python.

currently, the only thing that zope does wrong with eggs is zope.testing. if you use --test-path=/path/to/dev/egg, the test-runner will even work with eggs(though this is super annoying).

Now that the PYTHONPATH bug is fixed, you could conceivably just put the "plone-lib" dir on the PYTHONPATH and zope could find it. Personally, I see this as a stop gap to doing the due diligence to get our own egg story sanified(and we should fix zope.testing on the way).

so really, this is our problem now, not zope's.

This is biting the Zope 3 people *right now*, too.  I wonder what
Philipp wrote in his the new edition of his book about eggs and tests.

I have been bitten by zope.testing too... :-/

I took a look at the zc.testrunner.recipe; it allows for the configuration of extra test paths (good if you know exactly what packages you will be working on). The sensible behavior of nose is still missing; it seems explicit enough if I say test -s some.package I mean the tests that live in that package on my PYTHONPATH. The current arrangement(in zope2) only searches lib/python and Products by default.

also, zope2 itself is just a few minor changes away from being egg installable itself at which point we should be able to deal with everything outside of Products via egg recipes.

my opinion is a little elbow grease to get this worked out now rather than later would go a long way. eggs are bit of pain, but we don't need to wait for any zope gods to descend from on high to make things better.

I mean... if you could say "easy_install Plone3=dev" and be ready to work, how cool would that be? Kevin Dangmoor attribute much of TG's success and rapid growth to making the packaging work.
<rant off/>


I really hope I can put some time into this in the following days.

awesome! this makes me feel better. I truly do feel we aren't that far away from having a much happier packaging and dev situation than we have now.

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