hi guys,

i've been doing some work with iterate for a project here and wanted to report back, as some of the issues raised here came up for me, too. for compatability reasons i've been working with the `0.3- plone-2.1-2.5` branch, but kapil has already incorporated some of my fixes into trunk.

On Oct 5, 2006, at 6:51 PM, Alexander Limi wrote:

I was working with a customer, deploying iterate and CMFEditions earlier this week, and found it very impressive. I did make the following notes of things I'd like to see fixed:

- Product is not reinstallable (it complains that lock_info already
exists in the catalog)

fixed (and in trunk) with http://plone.org/products/iterate/issues/3

- When viewing folder_contents, I get an error about the lock icon not
being available

fixed (and in trunk) with http://plone.org/products/iterate/issues/9

- There is not enough security granularity to grant only CheckOut, but not CheckIn

fixed on my local branch (and submitted as patch) with http:// plone.org/products/iterate/issues/14/

there is still one issue that needs to be addressed IMHO. i've also filed an issue for that:


basically, it means that references to children of an iterated folderish object are broken after that object is iterated. kapil has postponed that issue and i can understand that that's a really tough cookie to solve generically but this somehow needs to be addressed if we want to ship plone with iterate! if we can't fix the issue we should at least prevent a COCI-cycle for folderish objects that contain children with backreferences. any other suggestions?

other than that iterate has been great fun to work and play with! i found its code to be very clean and and readable and has otherwise proven rocksolid here. if the above issue is addressed i absolutely recommend its inclusion in 3.0



These are mostly about configuration, and some tiny buglets - but in general it seemed to work really well, and I'd love to see this in Plone.


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