On Fri, 2006-01-12 at 10:12 +0000, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>  - I need a Z3 selection widget; somethin that does the job of
> ATReferenceBrowserWidget; this is needed in various portlets +
> contentrules actions to pick target folders and whatnot.
>  - I'd like kupu in a Z3 widget

I think it's time to seriously start identifying must-have widgets for
using Zope 3 forms (preferably formlib) in Plone.

Here are the immediate needs I see:

  - rich text editor widget (ala kupu)
  - file widget
  - image widget
  - object selector widget (aka reference browser widget)

In my eyes the important *first* thing is that such widgets run on pure
Zope 3 *first* (ie Zope 3.2).  And then add some plone icing
(potentially in a separate package) to make them good enough to usurp
the AT equivs.

An awesome secondary goal would then be to create archetype-style
wrapper widgets so that we could stop having to maintain two sets of
widgets (one for achetypes, another for formlib).  The archetype widget
would simply be a wrapper for the formlib widget which would make BBB
much easier.

I've started implementations of file and image widgets called
p4a.fileimage which can be found at:

I'm not terribly pleased with the implementation so far but it does work
for my current needs.  I would prefer to instead contribute to the
hurry.file project by faassen and then perhaps just make p4a.fileimage a
plone wrapper for that.  Of course ultimately I think a base set of
defacto widgets should live under the plone.* namespace package (if
people decided p4a.fileimage was good enough I 'd have no problem moving
it over).


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