Alexander Limi wrote:

ANONYMOUS: 10 loads of front page, in seconds

Template                               Total  Hits Per hit
portlets/portlets/             0.2678  10  0.0268

portlets/portlets/              0.256   10  0.0256

This had a call to listFilteredActionsFor() again. Can you re-run the tests for equal comparison's sake?

Breakdown of document_view shows (same order/units as above):
path: plone_view/globalize             0.232   10  0.0232

path: plone_view/globalize      0.4314      10      0.04314

Slower? Strange indeed. Does it do more than it used to for anonymous? See below, it's faster for logged-in than it used to be.

I still can't figure out why this may be. Can you confirm it's still the case?


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