Hi guys,

I think LinkIntegrity is nearly ready for merging. Before doing so, I have a few caveats, and I'd like to have someone else take a look over the code.

Good points:

 1) It works
2) It requires very little integration; a marker placed on the request in folder_delete.cpy (to avoid an annoying re-run confirmation), and a triggering of a monkey patch (see below) 3) It's very ubiquitous - it will work almost anywhere that objects are deleted in the Plone UI
 4) It's very well documented and commented
 5) It's very well tested (see doctests in docts/)

Worrying points:

1) It's very pervasive :) For example, you'll get delete confirmation (in Plone) if you try to delete an object in the ZMI. I'm not entirely sure, but I think you may even if the delete is happening from a script. Whether this is good or bad will probably depend on the use case. I believe it's possible to bypass confirmation by putting the appropriate marker in the request (all managed via a well-defined adapter), but it's more of an opt-out than an opt-in

2) It does monkey patch the publisher (in a pretty sane way). Note that this patch would go away if FiveException was merged into Zope 2, which is not completely unlikely, especially if we push for it.

3) It monkey patches parts of the test framework to work around bugs there, but these could be fixed.

My recommendation:

 (*) We merge, provided:

a) We merge the one template override (folder_delete.cpy) into CMFPlone, which should be harmless b) We make an on/off switch to turn off the behaviour globally (Andi is working on this) c) We make it into plone.app.linkintegrity rather than Products/LinkIntegrity (trivial)

The code is here: http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/LinkIntegrity/trunk/

Just install in a Plone 3 instance using quickinstaller, and you can test it. Add some documents, make some links in HTML between various documents, and try do delete a document that's referenced from another.

Tests and use cases also here: http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/LinkIntegrity/trunk/docs

Note that there is a kind of "Plan B" - we keep the link parsing and reference building, but lose the pervasive checks that handle all kinds of deletes; instead, we build warnings into Plone's existing delete_confirm pages. This is obviously less strong and requires a more direct dependency in CMFPlone.

Given the amount of work (and tests!) that have gone into LinkIntegrity to date, and the fact that it does seem to work so well in the UI, I'd say we should keep the deeper integration as it is now, but I want to make sure people are aware of the options and implications.

What do you think? We can have this ready for merge by the end of the year if we get the +1.


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