On Dec 27, 2006, at 4:49 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
Alexander Limi wrote:
Yup, /@@login wouldn't be any easier to remember than /login_form - so either /login or /admin. I'm partial to the latter, since it makes sense in more languages (most western languages have the word "admin" or "administrator", whereas login is pretty English- specific).

-1 to 'admin'; it implies that logging in is an administrator-only function, which isn't necessarily true in all use cases (e.g. on plone.org).

+1 to 'login' - it's a common enough word that most people would know it, and if you have other needs, well, it's one line of ZCML if we do it with a view to make a different name.

how about making it some sort of special case for plone.app.redirector, i.e. redirecting to /login_form not only from / login, but also from potential translations or things like /admin etc?

just a thought,


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