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Note, plone.app.redirector does not have a UI like RedirectionTool does for adding specific redirects, but adding the necessary forms would be fairly trivial (it'd just need to talk to the IRedirectionStorage local utility, which already has the necessary methods to query existing redirects and remove or update them).

OK, /login it is. I don't feel strongly about it. :)

The in-place UI (ie. not the global control, but the "I want to add an alias for this document" use case) for a redirect should ideally be in one of the existing tabs on the new fieldset-based forms (using the term "Alias" as earlier).

Dang! I knew this was coming. I thought about this for some time now and didn't find a good solution to add a tab here which is not Schema based. There was a thread on archetypes-devel about making interfaces and adapters for Schema and Field stuff, so you could add stuff here, but I don't know the state of it. The problem is, that this is one big form and currently only archetypes handles everything on save, ideally it would delegate the validation and mutation etc, so one could add custom fields here. We also would need to see how this works together with KSS inline validation, but if AT delegates, then it shouldn't be a problem.

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