whit schrieb:

Hi Whit,

how far along is your student

so far that you can get a Product from the URL mentioned
below to install this into a Plone-2.5.x site.
And it works ;-)

and are they using kss to do this?


very interested, was looking at tackling this this week.

so maybe you want to take a look there first.


PS: for the impatient ;-)

The kss declarations are:

table.listing th:click {
    evt-click-preventdefault: True;
    action-server: manipulateBatch;
    manipulateBatch-field: nodeAttr("id");
    manipulateBatch-sort: nodeAttr("sort");

div.listingBar span.navigator:click {
    evt-click-preventdefault: True;
    action-server: browseBatch;
    browseBatch-start: nodeAttr("bstart");

body:load {
    action-server: replaceNavigator;
body:unload {
    action-server: clearSessionObject;

where the server actions called from there are provided
by view classes configured for the folder and topic
respectively. Other than that the are only two new
templates with modified listing and navigation macros
(well, and the Batch class is patched to provide some
suitable info in addition).

It's really not much code.


Raphael Ritz wrote:
Hi guys,

this is just to let you know that student of mine, Florian Kamm,
is implementing a solution for PLIP 101


 "Sortable tables need to be improved, the javascript needs to
  be cleaned up and if the table is part of a batch it should
  handle the whole batch, not only the visible part."

You can get the current code from


I know that this Plip isn't on our current agenda but still I thought
I just let you know. As it's AJAX-based it might make for another nice
use case in that context.

Florian and I are willing to donate the code to the foundation and
to do the integration work should the team decide to go for it.

Let me know what you all think.


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