Alexander Limi wrote:

I think it should be on for everything we ship that has a Rich Text field. Then you can disable it if you want. Wikis are becoming commonplace enough for people to expect that syntax to work, and it's unlikely to have false positives unless you are doing something very very specific.

Emphasis on "we ship". I would strongly -1 having this on for every
RichField in every product (i.e. do it at the AT level), which is how I
read it the first time. Doing it for Document, News Item and Event is
probably sensible though. The point is that it will always create
Documents (I assume); you won't get news items from wiki'ing news items
and so on (which is probably not what you'd expect).

One of the cases I could think of would be programming, things like setMethod(( blah )). Does wicked parse inside <pre> and <code> tags?

Good point. We probably will find a few more of those. Even if that's
pretty lame python. ;)


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