Martin Aspeli wrote:
>  - Add the intid from five.intid as an index and metadata. This allows
> cross-referencing between the two.

This seems valuable.  It already bridges the annoying gap where we don't
currently add UID to the standard catalog as an index or metadata.

We could possibly add a similar bridge in uid_catalog to make the
circle complete. I'd be happy if we moevd away from AT UIDs and
towards five.intid UIDs across the board, though.

iirc, intid is fairly pluggable. for instance, if you still wanted to use at style intids, you could just override the generation method in the utility class and register your new class instead(though that would make you unable to use the IBtrees that z3 index employ, iirc). the integer id is more efficient for indexes(dig into the zcatalog and you will find everything run off of integers).

before jensens bangs a drum about his UUids, I think we should make the distinction between intid(really good for internal use) and other sorts of UIDs that may be important for other kind of operations(global merges, migration, etc).

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