On 1/10/07, Rob Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Alec Mitchell wrote:
> On 1/10/07, Rob Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Alec Mitchell wrote:
>> <--SNIP all the discussion about five.intid-->
>> > Instead, why not make a simple addon product (with a simple GS
>> > profile) that installs these dependencies and the necessary utils and
>> > indexes, and attach it to a PLIP for 3.5?  Having intids would be
>> > great, but it would be better if it came along with a real zope 3-ish
>> > reference solution, not more portal_catalog bloat for convenience, and
>> > there's certainly no time for that now but it's probably a great thing
>> > to hack on in Sorrento.  :-)
>> i pretty much agree w/ this, although i do think that adding an
>> object_implements index to the catalog (i thought it was there
>> already?) is A
>> Good Idea, and is low enough impact to be reasonable to do now.
>> i'm even planning on refactoring membrane at some point to be able to
>> use this
>> interface, instead of needing the much slower "object implements or is
>> adaptable to" interface that it's currently using.
> I agree that an extra index would not be too bad to add, my only worry
> about it is that it might mean that we end up satisfied with half a
> solution to an important problem that probably deserves a bit more
> thought (and should really be solved at the zope level IMO).  Half a
> solution in the wrong place is better than no solution anywhere, as
> long as it doesn't end up discouraging development of a full solution.

having an object_implements index is generally useful in many ways, i don't
see it as "half a solution to an important problem" as much as a handy tool
that aids in solving many different problems.


p.s.: did you mean to take this off of the framework-team list?

Oops, no I didn't; I'll send this to the list though as it contains
the full discussion.  :-)  I agree that it is very useful to have, but
I still think Zope needs and will eventually have a more general
solution for this sort of thing (along with the adaption aspect as
well), it's really essential.  That shouldn't prevent us from doing
something useful for us now of course.


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