I realize Plone 3.0 will ship with both packages and old-style products. Recently I wrote a proposal that should alleviate this problem by making it possible to deploy products as eggs [1]. I thought that this would become relevant only for Plone 3.5.

Now Daniel Nouri made me aware that you can already deploy products as eggs. In fact, you can already deploy products into lib/python, as long as lib/python/Products/__init__.py contains a namspace package declaration (in the setuptools sense, pkg_resources.declare_namespace('Products')). That means that Plone 3.0 can at least ship as *one* tarball for lib/python (in which all the traditional products are in such a 'Products' namespace package). I think that's great news, especially for the traditional deployment route of downloading a tarball.

It also means that Plone 3.0 would also be installable as eggs, given that somebody would make eggs out of the existing products and the CMF. That's mostly mechanical work, however. Hence, an installation via zc.buildout (using somethinglike ploneout) isn't so far fetched, and you wouldn't even need a special recipe to install products -- you'd just use the egg recipe.

I thought I'd run this by you guys. Daniel might have even more to say.


[1] http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/EggifyingZopesExtensionMechanismQuotProductsQuot

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